Partnership Materials

We are excited to work with partner universities and institutions! We offer two forms of partnerships:

Informal partnerships

Universities and teacher education programs are welcome to take on any part of our research, replicate and tweak it to meet the needs of their own settings, and publish based on their work. We provide initial guidance and overview materials but no direct support.

We have three scenario packages that we offer on classroom norms and expectations, text based discussions, and family engagement. For each scenario we provide pre- and post-survey materials, student facing materials, scripts and guidance for sim specialists, coding schemes, and intervention materials including coaching packets. While we offer all three scenarios at UVA to all students in our teacher education program over the course of a year, our partners are welcome to choose which scenarios they want to offer and the time frame and scale they want to work at. The materials can either be used as a pre- and post-assessment to look at growth over the course of a class or program or they can be used to assess the impact of a specific intervention, such as video assisted reflections.

To learn more about our informal partnership opportunities, please check out our informal partnerships page Informal Partnerships.


Formal partnerships

Our formal partnerships are grant funded and involve a direct replication of the projects started by TeamSIM. For more information about these opportunities, please email