11a Combined practice for segmenting 1

Staff 0:00
Okay, great begin simulation.

Teacher 0:05
Hello, Mr. Reed. I’m Miss Teacher. Um, we spoke on the phone actually earlier this year. I’m sure you remember that. So first, I wanted to say thank you for coming. Um, Katie is a very strong and passionate student in my class. She’s very hardworking, and she’s a wonderful member of our class community. I’ve noticed she’s so passionate about reading and especially in the fiction genre. I don’t know if you also noticed that at home. But from what I’ve observed, Katie is also somewhat on the shy side. If I asked her to share, she usually has very insightful comments, but sometimes they’re mumbled or they might be very brief. So I kind of called you to this meeting so that we could sort of bring out more of her strengths. And passions in class because I really respect your opinion and you know her best. So I really wanted to just brainstorm together ways we could maybe get her to contribute more or think about her interests so that I could bring them out in the class and get her engaged.

Parent 1:16
Okay, so it’s not I just want to be this to make sure. So it’s not overly disruptive, or is she being defiant? Or is it? I don’t, see her being quiet.

Teacher 1:32
She’s She’s pretty quiet. And I want her to have the best experiences in my class. So I’m worrying that maybe she feels alone or she might start to feel alone because he’s not making a lot of friends from what I’ve noticed. I, yeah, it’s nothing that’s disruptive. But I do want her to have the best experience she can in my class. So I want her

Parent 1:58
and she’s quiet. with You

Teacher 2:01
or Yeah, generally so if I ask people to share or hear out she won’t raise her hand or if I do ask her specifically, her body language sort of shows that she would rather not share.

Parent 2:17
This doesn’t sound like Katy at all. So it’s probably something you’re doing.

Teacher 2:24
Um, well, I’m doing my best to facilitate a classroom community where everyone speaks out. I know there are lots of other students who do and so I can definitely make some changes and the things that I’m doing, but do you have any recommendations for maybe what, what I could do to help bring that more sociable side out of her?

Parent 2:55
Reading is a huge thing. Sorry, I’m just a little surprised. Ah, well you know, experience makes a difference and all of our other teachers had so much more experience than you do. Hmm

Teacher 3:25
So yes, I am a younger teacher, but I do have a lot of experience in the classroom and I this is more so of me trying to get better and help my students. I do take my parents opinions to help me get better. So I’m wondering if there’s any way that I could maybe

Parent 3:50
Ah, in the last year’s Teacher Teacher had Katie and some other students you know, participate in a book club. And that went really well.

Teacher 4:04
Yeah, that’s helpful. We’ll definitely be sure to contact your teacher and see if we can either do you know if it was in her grade level or if it was a whole school book club?

Parent 4:17
Uh huh. That’s a good question. I’m not sure. I am worried about what this means for Katie. So, I think it was, I might have been just a small group of her classmates.

Teacher 4:35
Okay, so that makes me think, tell me if you think this is a good idea. Maybe I could have more small groups, where we do discuss the things that we’re doing and maybe instead, rather than sharing out to the whole group, Katie would be more likely to just share in that small group. And do you know if any of her friends are what her friends do or what maybe I could talk to her friends.

Parent 5:06
I mean, I think it’s, you know, the magic word is reading. She, she just loves it. And it opens her up in a way that, um yeah, I’m just, I mean, maybe it’s me, you know, I mean, there’s a weight on my shoulders. But

Teacher 5:31
I think that both of us I think that you definitely know her best and I think you are doing the best that you can and I can definitely I know that I’m looking to improve my teaching, but I’m also I just really want to look out for her. So. Um,

Parent 5:52
yeah, I mean, they’re their challenges at work. So, um, yeah, definitely.

Teacher 5:59
Okay. Do you think Katie is Katie knows that do you think Katie might know that?

Parent 6:06
Ah, it’s a lot of unknown right now, you know with layoffs and kids are perceptive so possibly. But

Teacher 6:22
okay, well, yeah,

Parent 6:23
I don’t know,

Teacher 6:24
build on her strengths. So no need, to reiterate anything that she’s going through in a negative light, but I definitely want to bring more things that she might be gravitating towards in the classroom. So I think

Parent 6:39
sorry. Um, yes. And I’d like to stay in communication about this, if possible.

Teacher 6:49
Yes. Yeah, I would very much like that. I will definitely I’m trying to cooperate maybe more small group. I can do that this week. And if if I see start to see change or maybe if I don’t, then I will contact you again by the end of the week.