11a Transcript 14 practice

Staff 0:03
begin simulation

Teacher 0:11
Hi, Mr. Reid. My name is Teacher and I’m Katie’s teacher this year.

Parent 0:17
Hi there, Miss Teacher. Yeah, you can call me Bennett, for sure.

Teacher 0:21
Awesome. I’m so excited to finally meet you in person. I know we had a good conversation earlier in the year. So I’m glad that you were able to plan and put a face to the name. Katie is an excellent student. I mean, she is like above average reading. She does great in all other subjects, always on task and turns things in on time, so she is just an excellent student. And I’m really glad that she’s one of my students this year.

Parent 0:58
Wonderful. That’s nice. To hear, thank you.

Teacher 1:01
I did I know we talked about previously on our phone call that if I ever had any concerns, to just give you a call and set up a time. So there’s one thing that I am concerned about that though I asked you to come in, I’ve noticed recently that Katie’s kind of been more quiet, not really wanting to participate as much in group work and partner work. And when we have free time in the classroom, she kind of just like, goes off by herself. And it’s just something that is recent, and I just wanted to kind of check in and make sure things at home were good. And you hadn’t noticed anything

Parent 1:43
I haven’t, I mean, home is not a problem. Um, and since you called me You may have more insight into what the issue is, but I mean, everything at home is fine. As far as Iknow,

Teacher 1:58
that’s great. Really glad to hear that. And I just kind of called you in because it was something that I’ve noticed and I just wanted to kind of put our heads together and try to think of a plan and because I know Katie’s an excellent student and I just wanted to make sure she is having social interactions and getting the most out of everything

Parent 2:20
um, yeah, fair enough. Um, but this doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s probably something you’re doing.