11a Transcript 15 practice

Staff 0:02
Alright, begin simulation.

Teacher 0:09
Good afternoon mister reed. My name is Miss Teacher. Thank you so much for coming in to

Parent 0:15
You can call me Bennett.

Teacher 0:17
I will. Thank you so much for coming in today Bennett. I really appreciate your time. As you know, we’re here to discuss Katie and her progress in my class and I first wanted to say you have such a love lovely daughter. She is such a joy to have in my class. She is such such a strong reader and she’s incredibly independent for a third grader, which is something that I’m super impressed by.

Parent 0:48
Oh, thank you. That’s nice to hear.

Teacher 0:51
Yes. So one thing I did want to mention So Katie, when she is reading, she really prefers to read fiction books does she read fiction books at home as well

Parent 1:04
Oh, yeah um, I assume so. I mean, she’s just always got her nose in a book. So, um, we’re all we’re all big readers. So I think, um, yeah, I think so you probably know best us you spend more time with her actually, than we do because of the school day, you know?

Teacher 1:25
Yeah, absolutely. We do spend a lot of time together. And she, she loves reading. And as you noticed, too, that she reads a lot. So that’s something that I love. And we always want to encourage her to do as well. One thing we also have noticed is that she generally gets her work done on time. But sometimes will pull out a book when it’s not the right time, and she’ll be reading that so she needs a little bit of redirection in that area, but she’s very very *indiscernible*

Parent 2:01

Teacher 2:02
Is that something you’ve noticed as well?

Parent 2:05
Oh, yeah. She’s always got her nose in a book So we do the same thing, which there could be worse problems, I guess haha

Teacher 2:14
That’s for sure, though, for completing a book, that’s for sure.

Parent 2:19
So, why am I here? Why’d you call me?

Teacher 2:23
So well, I just wanted to give you a general overview about Katie’s progress. And the other thing I did want to mention is, I’m Katie’s peer interactions. So Katie, does tend to really enjoy working by herself. I will, I will encourage her to work with her peers, small groups, but she really does like to work by herself. So that is something that I that we’ve talked about and I’ve had conversations with her and anytime I asked her she says that she’s fine and she’s okay. We don’t believe she’s being bullied or anything. But we wanted to go ahead and have a conversation with you about seeing how she is socially at home maybe, or anything that you’ve noticed

Parent 3:14
homes, not the problem. I mean, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s probably something, you’re doing