11a Transcript 16 practice

Speaker 0:01
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:04
Hi, Mr. Bennett. I’m Ms. Teacher, Katie’s teacher.

Parent 0:07
Hi. It’s Mr. Reed. You can call me Bennett, though.

Teacher 0:11
Okay. So, I wanted—I’m very excited to talk to you, and I really like how much you’re willing to work with me because I really just want to have the best learning environment for Katie, so I’m really excited about that. So, Katie is actually doing very well. Academically, she’s above grade level in reading, and she’s at or close to grade level in all of her other classes, which is really good.

Parent 0:39

Teacher 0:41
She also completes all of her work on time. You know, sometimes, if she’s unsupervised, she’ll pull out a book, but I always—you know, I’ll prompt her, and she’ll always complete her work, so that’s not a problem either. The only thing that I’d like to talk to you about today is about her participation in class and interaction with her peers, and I’d like to get your input on that. So, Katie is very quiet, which is not a bad thing, but when asked to participate in class, she participates very little, or if she is called on, she will have a response, but she often mumbles or looks towards the floor and has to really be prompted for a longer response. And I’d really like Katie to talk in class because she has very insightful comments when she does comment, and that would help her be able to explain things to her classmates, which would help her learning and their learning as well. So, I would just like your input on maybe things that we can do to help Katie become more comfortable in class and talk more.

Parent 1:50
Okay. What kind of input do you want?

Teacher 1:56
So, maybe we could come up with a plan to help Katie. You know, things that Katie is comfortable with, like things that she’s interested in that maybe—that you know, maybe, that she doesn’t talk about as much at school.

Parent 2:09

Teacher 2:10
So, I can include those in the classroom, and maybe she’d be more willing to talk about those things in class.

Parent 2:15
Okay. Yeah, she, she likes to read.

Teacher 2:20
Mm hmm.

Parent 2:20
I’m sorry. Can you hear me okay?

Teacher 2:23
Oh, yes.

Parent 2:24
Okay. She, she likes to read, and, you know, she’s a quiet kid. She is a Girl Scout, so she’s busy with that activity. And, you know, lately, she’s talked about wanting to be a writer, so she’s writing a lot at home. And, you know, from everything you’ve told me, I mean, this just doesn’t sound like Katie at all, so it’s, you know, probably something you’re doing.