11a Transcript 19 practice

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:04
Hi, Mr. Reed. My name is Ms. Teacher and I’m Katie’s third grade teacher.

Parent 0:08
Hey there, how are you?

Teacher 0:10
Good, it’s really great to meet you. Thank you for coming to-

Parent 0:15
Sure thing. Happy to.

Teacher 0:18
So, um, I’ve noticed that your daughter is incredibly strong and above grade level in reading just seems to really love it. And that she has she’s doing overall really well in school.

Parent 0:35
That’s always good to hear.

Teacher 0:38
How has she been doing her stuff at home? Homework all good?

Parent 0:42
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. My wife and I, you know, we sort of go through our days with each other over dinner and share ideas. You know, Katie’s always reading something.

Teacher 0:54
That’s great Really good family bonding.

Parent 0:57
Oh yeah.

Teacher 0:59
So I have noticed that Katie’s pretty quiet in school, and that she’s kind of disinterested in hanging out with other peers. Have you noticed anything at home?

Parent 1:13
Ah, now, does she? So she doesn’t talk to any other kids.

Teacher 1:20
Not that much. She’s really interested mostly in reading, which is completely fine. I just want to make sure that everything’s happening, that we’re talking about everything. Any information that you have that I can use it to help make Katie’s experience better.

Parent 1:33
Yeah, no, that’s, that’s just um, hmm. Surprising. Does she talk to you or?

Teacher 1:42
Yes, she does talk to me sometimes. But she seems to like to work alone. And just it’s not that she doesn’t like the kids or that they don’t like her. She just seems disinterested in hanging out.

Parent 1:55
Really. That’s a, I’ve never heard that.

Teacher 2:03
Are there some things you’d like to tell me about her so that I can make her experience here better? I mean,

Parent 2:07
You know, she loves to read. But this doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s probably something you’re doing.