11a Transcript 3 practice

Staff 0:00
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:07
Hi, Mr. Reid. I’m Katie. I’m Katie’s.

Mr. Reid 0:11
Christie McDaniel.

Teacher 0:12
Hi, I am Katie’s ninth grade World History teacher.

Mr. Reid 0:17
Great, yes.

Teacher 0:18
How are you doing?

Mr. Reid 0:20
I’m good. I’m good, thanks. Thanks for asking.

Teacher 0:23
Yeah, of course. So I just wanted to talk to you today about Katie a little bit. Um, you know, she’s been a pleasure to have in class so far. This year.

Mr. Reid 0:36
Oh, that’s nice to hear.

Teacher 0:37
Yeah, of course. Um, and you know, she’s a very hardworking student. She definitely gets her her work in on time. And I’ve definitely noticed that she really loves to read.

Mr. Reid 0:47
Oh, yeah.

Teacher 0:48
Yeah, I think that’s a great, great, great skill and great interest to have, especially in my classroom where we do read quite a bit.

Mr. Reid 0:58
Yeah, we’re big readers at our house.

Teacher 1:01
That’s good. I really love that. I really love that. And so I’m just wondering maybe first from you, um, have you noticed anything has Katie, like, talked to you at all about anything that’s happened in class recently or anything like that?

Mr. Reid 1:16
Ah, you know, she doesn’t talk about school this year, as much like she did last year.

Teacher 1:24
Oh, okay.

Mr. Reid 1:25
The only thing I have to compare it against I mean, she just doesn’t seem as excited about school this year, as she did so.

Teacher 1:34

Mr. Reid 1:34
Yeah, not much. Not getting much from her.

Teacher 1:38
Okay, yeah, that’s good to know. Um, because I have noticed in class sometimes, you know, when we try to do more group activities and more collaborative like collaborative projects and work. I’ve noticed that Katie definitely isn’t as as engaged. She doesn’t really want to participate with her classmates and I’m not sure really what it is when I’ve tried to talk to her, she kind of doesn’t really say much. Probably the same that you seem to have gotten from her like not really much information.

Mr. Reid 2:13
Yeah, I mean, she’s the same at home pretty much. I don’t know what she is at school.

Teacher 2:21
Yeah. Okay. That’s good to know. Um, so I guess I’m just wondering if maybe we could come up with a plan together that kind of makes it so that maybe we can help Katie, you know, make some friendships in my classroom, um, maybe any, any insights you might have to like what her friends outside of school might be like, or some of her interests that might, I might be able to spark some friendships or anything like that.