11a Transcript 4 practice

Sim Staff 0:00
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:06
Hi, Mr. Reid. Thank you so much for coming in today.

Mr. Reid 0:08
Oh, sure thing.

Teacher 0:10
So I want to get started by talking about how amazing Katie has been in my classroom and how she really does contribute a lot. For one, I think she is a really avid and strong reader. I can tell she loves reading, especially fiction. And whenever I get a chance to talk to her about that, she has really amazing thoughts to share. So that has been a fantastic job on your part, as well.

Mr. Reid 0:32
Great. Well, thanks.

Teacher 0:33
I think whenever she submits work, she does it well. It’s submitted on time, and she always completes tasks, just as I asked, which is again, fantastic. Um, so yeah, I think, all in all, I don’t have too many concerns about Katie. I think she is right on track to where she needs to be.

Mr. Reid 0:51

Teacher 0:51
The one thing I did want to talk about, though, is that I wonder if there are ways to get Katie even more involved in the classroom. Something I’ve noticed, which is completely normal for a lot of ninth grade students, is that they can feel a little hesitant to participate in whole class settings like sharing answers with the whole class, or working in groups. And I see a little of that with Katie. And while that is completely normal, I wonder if you and I can brainstorm ways to help her feel more comfortable in that way. Because I think that would really improve her experience in the classroom.

Mr. Reid 1:24
Okay. Well, it’s good to know that first of all, um, and that does sound, you know, about right. I mean, she does love to read, but she’s never really been, you know, the first person to speak up in a crowd. So that sort of makes sense. But um, you know, I will say, I don’t know if we had this problem in the past. So I’m just trying to think of what would work.

Teacher 1:56
Well, I first want to stress that this isn’t a problem. Like I said, Katie’s doing a fantastic job in the classroom, so I don’t want you to be overly concerned about this. I think increasing her engagement could improve her experience even more. And I also think that ninth grade, especially this early in the year, is a huge point of transition for Katie and all students.

Mr. Reid 2:18
Of course, it’s… yes.

Teacher 2:22
So I’m not too surprised that she had never shown this kind of behavior in the past and she’s starting to exhibit it now.