11a Transcript 5 practice

Staff 0:00
All right, last one. Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:06
Hi, Mr. Bennett. I’m Teacher. I’m Katie’s World History teacher. Thank you so much for making the time to come out and meet me today.

Mr. Reid 0:15
Oh, for sure, for sure.

Teacher 0:15
How are you doing?

Mr. Reid 0:17
Oh, doing good. How are you doing?

Teacher 0:19
I’m also doing well. Thank you for asking.

Mr. Reid 0:21

Teacher 0:22
So, it’s been a pleasure to have Katie in class so far this year. She’s a really bright student, I can tell that she has a really strong passion for reading. But the reason that I’ve asked you to come here and meet with me is that on the social side of things, I’ve noticed that she’s been kind of quiet, a little reserved. She’s been having a little bit of trouble, it seems making friends with her peers. And so I wanted to ask you, does she ever talk about school or class when she’s at home?

Mr. Reid 1:01
She has, not this year.

Teacher 1:06
So did she used to talk about school last year or in previous years?

Mr. Reid 1:11
Yeah, pretty often, actually. Yeah, not this year.

Teacher 1:18
So have you noticed anything different about her at home that you think might be contributing to that? Or do you think she just doesn’t feel like talking about it?

Mr. Reid 1:28
Hmm. I mean, she’s been herself otherwise.

Teacher 1:34

Mr. Reid 1:35
So that would be, you know, the only difference.

Teacher 1:39
Mhm, yeah. So I had a conversation with her the other day about her peers and she told me that everything was fine. She didn’t really want to talk too much about it. But even in class, she’s not being bullied or anything. She’s just being she She, because she hasn’t really been responding a lot to her peers, they’ve kind of just stopped initiating those actions.

Mr. Reid 2:09

Teacher 2:10
So I want to make sure that she is in a positive environment where she can collaborate. We do a lot of collaboration in my classroom. So I really do want to work with you to kind of come up with a solution to these things that I’ve been seeing.