11a Transcript 6 practice

Staff 0:00
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:05
Hi Mr. Reid!

Mr. Reid 0:06
Hey there.

Teacher 0:08
It’s so nice to finally be able to meet you.

Mr. Reid 0:10
Yeah. Likewise.

Teacher 0:12
Thanks for meeting me here to talk about

Mr. Reid 0:14
Oh no problem.

Teacher 0:14

So, um, Katie is a great student. She’s a very strong reader.

Mr. Reid 0:20

Teacher 0:20
She’s reading all the time in class, which I love.

Mr. Reid 0:24
All right.

Teacher 0:24
But I do have some concerns

Mr. Reid 0:27

Teacher 0:27
regarding her participation, and just how she’s been interacting with the other students.

Mr. Reid 0:34
Oh, is she okay, or is everything all right?

Teacher 0:37
Yeah. I mean, I’ve asked her if everything’s all right. I

Mr. Reid 0:41

Teacher 0:41
just hasn’t been participating. She tends to, like mumble and she hasn’t talked to the other students. And so I just want to make sure that she’s fine and that we can create a plan together.

Mr. Reid 0:58
Wow. That’s uh interesting. So has she been like, like, she’s been like this all year or?

Teacher 1:04
Yeah, pretty much. Other students have tried to, you know, bring her into the community

Mr. Reid 1:11

Teacher 1:12
of our classroom and she just has been very, you know, shy and not wanting to really join in.

Mr. Reid 1:20
Well, will she speak with you? Or is she,

Teacher 1:24
Um, she doesn’t really

Mr. Reid 1:25
quiet with you as well?

Teacher 1:26
Yeah, she’s pretty quiet as me as well.

Mr. Reid 1:28
Oh, wow. Okay.

Teacher 1:31
Is she quiet at home? Is she just like a shy-

Mr. Reid 1:35
No, quite the opposite, actually. Um, that’s why I’m just a little surprised? Hmm. Okay, so she’s not disruptive?

Teacher 1:49

Mr. Reid 1:49
Yeah, but just really quiet, doesn’t really speak to anyone?

Teacher 1:54
Yeah, and I would like her to feel comfortable in my classroom.

Mr. Reid 1:57
Right, right.

Teacher 1:58
And to participate. And, yeah. I would just like to connect with her and stuff like that. So,

Mr. Reid 2:06
Of course, of course, that’s just uh, strange. Because it doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s, it’s probably something you’re doing.