11a Transcript 7 practice

Don’t forget to introduce yourself to me. Okay, begin simulation.

Teacher 0:11
Hi, how are you? I’m Miss [Teacher].

Mr. Reid 0:13
Hey there. How are you? Bennett Reid.

Teacher 0:16
Great. Nice to meet you.

Mr. Reid 0:18
Yes, of course.

Teacher 0:19
Thank you so much for coming with, um here to, you know, talk about Katie day. I really appreciate you making the time.

Mr. Reid 0:25
Oh, of course, wouldn’t miss it.

Teacher 0:28
So, first, you know, I think that we can definitely I want to use this time to the fullest to establish some concrete ways that we can just make Katie’s experience in my class the best. The best possible.

Mr. Reid 0:41

Teacher 0:42
So we’ll definitely get into that. But I first just want to say start by saying that Katie’s amazing.

Mr. Reid 0:48
Oh good.

Teacher 0:48
She’s such a star. She’s a star student in our class. She really stands out in her love for fiction. She’s one of the few students who, you know, asks to borrow some books from my library and taking them home, so I really appreciate that.

Mr. Reid 1:04
Sounds about right. Yeah. She loves to read.

Teacher 1:08
Yes, I’ve noticed

Mr. Reid 1:09
No complaints here.

Teacher 1:10
Yeah, no. I love to read myself. So when I find a student to talk about books with I, it makes me really excited.

Mr. Reid 1:18
Great. She’s great kid.

Teacher 1:19
Yes, she, she’s amazing. And she’s doing really well on all of her other classes, which is awesome.

Mr. Reid 1:26

Teacher 1:27
But I have noticed. So in the beginning of the year, and we are continuing kind of the same routine in class. We always kind of alternate between independent work and some group work, where the students are kind of going to be discussing and analyzing the text together. And in the beginning of the year, Katie was kind of open to working with a group, you know, very vocal and voicing her ideas.

Mr. Reid 1:54

Teacher 1:55
And I’ve noticed that she seems to be a little bit more withdrawn lately. And I just wanted to know if there’s anything going on at home that I should know or ways that I can support her.

Mr. Reid 2:08