11a Transcript 8 practice

Speaker 0:02
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:05
Hi, thank you for joining me today.

Parent 0:08
Oh, sure thing. How are you doing?

Teacher 0:10
Good. How are you doing?

Parent 0:11
Doing fine. Thanks.

Teacher 0:13
Excellent. I wanted to talk to you today about your daughter. And yeah, I just had a few concerns that that have come up, and I remember when we spoke at the beginning of the year, you said that you’d be happy to speak anytime when I needed to help Katie and⁠—

Parent 0:29
Oh, sure. Sure. I mean, is everything all right?

Teacher 0:31
Yeah, absolutely. Everything’s okay. I’m just a little concerned about how she’s feeling inside and how she’s interacting with her-her peers at school and interacting with me. She seems sort of, like she’s sort of, she doesn’t, she’s not as open as she could be to discussion. She’s not as open as she could be with her peers. She sort of⁠—she loves to read as you know.

Parent 0:56
Sure. Absolutely.

Teacher 0:58
Fiction books and it seems like that’s something that she likes to do often. But, but sometimes I feel like it might prevent her from reaching out to her friends and making friends and keeping up with discussions in class. Although, I have to say, in discussions she offers very insightful comments.

Parent 1:17

Teacher 1:17
Really benefits the discussion. So I’m looking at this from a lens of her really benefiting the classroom and offering what she has, and I worry that she doesn’t feel that way herself, or that she feels like she doesn’t have maybe something to say or⁠—anyway, so this is my concern. I don’t know if you’ve noticed anything like this.

Parent 1:38
Um, I, I gotta say, I’m a little. I’m a little surprised. Um, just-just I can’t say that I’ve heard that issue before. But yeah, this doesn’t sound like Katie. What is going on in your classroom?