11a Transcript 9 practice

Coach 0:00
I’m gonna try it again. So we will begin simulation again.

Teacher 0:06
Good afternoon, Mr. Reid. I’m Teacher. How are you doing today?

Mr. Reid 0:10
Hi Teacher. Nice to meet you.

Teacher 0:13
Thank you for taking the time to come talk to me today about Katie. So I wanted to start off by saying how proud I am of Katie for how well she’s doing with her reading. She’s reading a whole grade level above her reading level and really, really loves reading about fiction books. And also she is really, really good at time management. Her work is always done on time. I wanted to ask you before we get into why I called you today, How are you feeling about Katie in school this year?

Mr. Reid 0:45
Um, okay, I guess I don’t really thought about it.

Teacher 0:52
You’ve haven’t really thought about how well she’s doing in school this year.

Mr. Reid 0:55
Well. Yeah, I mean, obviously academics are good. So no news is good news there.

Teacher 1:03
Great, does she love reading at home as well? I know she loves to read in school,

Mr. Reid 1:08
huh? Yeah, she reads a fair amount at home. Yes

Teacher 1:12
Is there like a type of book or type of genre that she seems to really enjoy?

Mr. Reid 1:16
Ah, she likes I think my wife said historical fiction.

Teacher 1:22
Great. I’ve noticed that as well. So why I called you in today’s because I’m a little bit worried about Katie with some of our other students. Not that Katie is doing anything wrong at all, but she’s just generally very quiet, not very open to working with other peers or myself. And I was wondering if you’ve may have noticed this at home or with some of her friends or if she has any siblings. I was wondering if you had any insight on that.

Mr. Reid 1:50
I have no insight on that I mean her brother is older and away at college and it’s just The three of us so, um, you know, I don’t notice anything like that because we’re not in a school setting. I mean, home is not the problem. There’s no problem at home.

Teacher 2:12
Yeah. So when she’s at school and we have her working with groups, she tends to like to look down, not really talked to her peers. So I was wondering maybe if that was something you would notice to home, obviously, maybe just might be happening in a school setting. Okay.

Mr. Reid 2:28
Yeah, I mean, to be honest, this doesn’t sound like Katy at all. So that’s probably something you’re doing.