11b Combined practice for segmenting 2

Staff 0:02
All right, sounds good then. Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:08
Hi, how are you today?

Mr. Reid 0:10
Oh hi there. I’m good. And you?

Teacher 0:13
I’m good. I’m good.

Mr. Reid 0:15

Teacher 0:15
So I know we set this meeting to talk about Katie.

Mr. Reid 0:18
Yeah. How’s everything going?

Teacher 0:20
She is doing really well academically, she’s on grade level for everything, reading. She, she sometimes struggles to focus on doing independent work, she’ll pull out a book instead of doing her assigned task,

Mr. Reid 0:33

Teacher 0:33
and have to be reminded to do assigned tasks, but within that, like her work has been really great. I haven’t, I don’t have any concerns academically at all.

Mr. Reid 0:42

Teacher 0:43
Which is super great. I do have some social concerns. It seems that she’s a little withdrawn in the classroom. She

Mr. Reid 0:52

Teacher 0:52
like, yeah, she has some trouble sometimes interacting with their peers. And I wanted to know if maybe she had talked to you about anything? That she was having any sort of like friend issues or anything like that?

Mr. Reid 0:53
Yeah, um, not. No. Not that I can recall. Um, so is she super quiet? I mean, does she speak with other kids? Or does she talk to you? Or is she,

Teacher 1:18
She speaks with me,

Mr. Reid 1:19
I’m just trying to get an idea.

Teacher 1:21
Um, and she speaks with other kids sometimes. But it’s often when I put her in a group setting and she’s kind of, um, interacting with her peers to get an assignment done, but she doesn’t necessarily go out of her way to interact with her peers.

Mr. Reid 1:33

Teacher 1:33
Um, and so I’ve kind of just want to have this conference to see if you and I can come up with a plan to help Katie interact with her peers a little more. Um,

Mr. Reid 1:42

Teacher 1:42

Mr. Reid 1:42

Teacher 1:42
It is a big thing in, elementary school.

Mr. Reid 1:45

Teacher 1:45
And you and I both want her to have the best experience possible, so.

Mr. Reid 1:48

Teacher 1:49

Mr. Reid 1:49

Teacher 1:51
Um, I was thinking, I know you and your wife both work so that’s very difficult.

Mr. Reid 1:58

Teacher 1:58
So maybe some after school things where she could meet people that she does she have any interest? Or does she?

Mr. Reid 2:04
Oh, well. I mean, you know, reading is is her number one number one thing, like she loves to read and share knowledge and.. she doesn’t talk? That uh,

Teacher 2:15

Mr. Reid 2:16
Yeah, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all, so it’s probably something you’re doing, or I don’t know.

Teacher 2:24
Um, no. Sometimes students just tend to get quiet in a classroom setting, especially if they have very outgoing peers

Mr. Reid 2:32

Teacher 2:32
that have different interests than them.

Mr. Reid 2:33

Teacher 2:34
And so they tend to keep to themselves because obviously, reading is a very independent, can be a very independent task, and doesn’t necessarily like require peer interaction. So maybe we could get her into like a book club or something like that?

Mr. Reid 2:48

Teacher 2:49
Where she could read books with their peers and then talk to them,

Mr. Reid 2:53

Teacher 2:54
um, about them and you maybe like, learn to get comfortable in a setting, like an academic

Mr. Reid 3:00
Yeah, yeah.

Teacher 3:00
setting where she can like, speak out about her knowledge, because she is it’s very clear to me that she does have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things for a third grader.

Mr. Reid 3:12

Teacher 3:12
So it doesn’t concern me from an academic standpoint. So I know I could give her something and she’s gonna be able to handle it.

Mr. Reid 3:17

Teacher 3:19
Accurately and quickly, but it does worry me that she is sometimes reserved with her peers.

Mr. Reid 3:24
Yeah, I mean, experience makes a difference and her other teachers did have so much more experience than you do, um, I don’t know. The book club is an idea. I think, though.

Teacher 3:40
I know I know, I am a younger teacher, so I know experience can be a concern. But I will let you know that I do want to do everything in my

Mr. Reid 3:47

Teacher 3:47
ability and find the necessary outlets and resources for Katie, I do want what’s best with her academically and socially.

Mr. Reid 3:55
Yes, and I wanted to say. So last year’s teacher did have Katie, you know, and a few other kids do a book club.

Teacher 4:07

Mr. Reid 4:07
And that did go really well. So, I mean, that sounds good to me.

Teacher 4:12
It sounds like book club is a really good idea then, so maybe I can

Mr. Reid 4:15
For starters, yeah.

Teacher 4:16
try to, her classmates that also maybe like to read but don’t know, have a place to do it, and Katie can, they can all do a book club together, and they can like each of them can pick a book, and they each have to read it, and um

Mr. Reid 4:29
Right up her alley.

Teacher 4:30
is that something that works for you? Or would you

Mr. Reid 4:32
Oh yeah. I mean, I am worried about what this means for Katie, so.

Teacher 4:38
Of course, of course.

Mr. Reid 4:39
I mean, that’s, that’s her number one favorite thing to do is read so.

Teacher 4:44

Mr. Reid 4:44
Great, great idea.

Teacher 4:46
Then we’ll definitely get started on that. I will find some other students and get that after that book club together right away. Um, do you have any other like questions or anything of that nature for me?

Mr. Reid 5:02
Um, hmm. I mean, not. Not at the moment. It’s a surprise, you know, just to be to be honest with you. I’ve never heard of Katie being this quiet.

Teacher 5:15

Mr. Reid 5:16
So, um, but I know that you know, I mean maybe it’s me. You know? I mean, I’ve this there’s a weight on my shoulders, so it’s just, I don’t know.

Teacher 5:35
I know it can be hard when both parents work. I do not, do not blame yourself.

Mr. Reid 5:40

Teacher 5:40
I, you seem, you are here. You answer phone calls when we call you even if you’re in a meeting and sometimes you have to get back to us. I know you’ve, we’ve never had trouble getting in contact with you.

Mr. Reid 5:50

Teacher 5:50
Or anything of that nature. You made the time out of your day and I know your wife has a little less time in the day than you do.

Mr. Reid 5:56

Teacher 5:57
But you made the time to come represent, um, the both of you, which is wonderful. That’s hard for a lot of parents to do so.

Mr. Reid 6:04
Well thank you.

Teacher 6:05
Of course.

Mr. Reid 6:07
And yeah, there are challenges at work. And you know, kids are perceptive, right? So, you know, looming layoffs, a lot of unknowns. So, anyway, ah, I think that sounds like a good plan going forward, though.

Teacher 6:29
Awesome. Well, it’s good to know that where you stand and how, because that helps me best support Katie, and with anything that is possible in the future, because

Mr. Reid 6:39

Teacher 6:39
there’s a lot of unknowns. Um, but.

Mr. Reid 6:42

Teacher 6:43
Oh, no, you’re fine.

Mr. Reid 6:44

Teacher 6:46
Well, we’ll check back in

Mr. Reid 6:48

Teacher 6:49
like maybe a month or two and see if once book club gets started, if I see any change, or if I don’t um, but I have a feeling that I will.

Mr. Reid 6:55
And I’ll be in touch. I’ll talk to Katie.

Teacher 6:58
But we’ll definitely keep in touch.

Mr. Reid 6:59
And we’ll, that sounds wonderful. Thank you so much.

Teacher 7:02
Of course.

Mr. Reid 7:02
I appreciate it.

Teacher 7:03
I- thank you for taking the time out of your day. I appreciate it.

Mr. Reid 7:06
Have a good one.

Teacher 7:07
You too.

Mr. Reid 7:08