11b Segmenting post-opening transcript 4

Mr. Reid 2:06
Of course, of course, that’s just uh, strange. Because it doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s, it’s probably something you’re doing.

Teacher 2:20
Um, yeah, I understand why I, it might be! I don’t know her as well as I would like to so

Mr. Reid 2:29

Teacher 2:30
I would love to get to know her. It’s just it’s hard for me to talk to her or connect with her. She doesn’t really want to connect with me.

Mr. Reid 2:38
Yeah, that’s.

Teacher 2:39
And I would just love to know how to be able to bring her in more.

Mr. Reid 2:46
Yeah, I mean, you know, reading is, as you mentioned, I mean, that’s kind of her. That’s her bread and butter. I mean, she absolutely loves it. You know, I almost feel like it’s a it’s like a gateway to her personality.

Teacher 3:02

Mr. Reid 3:03
Like you can get to know Katie through books. Because that’s just her favorite thing to do.

Teacher 3:12
Okay, so like talking to her about the books that she’s reading.

Mr. Reid 3:16
Yeah. And experience makes a difference and, and all of her other teachers, you know, had so much more experience than you do.

Teacher 3:30
Yeah, that’s, I mean, that’s true. I’m not as experienced as other teachers, and I totally understand where you’re coming from. I don’t know if she’s the same way and other classes. I’ll have to talk to the other teachers about that, to see what they’re doing in order to get her to participate.

Mr. Reid 3:51

Teacher 3:52
So I think that’s a good first step for me.

Mr. Reid 3:54
Oh, um, so, Last year’s teacher,

Teacher 3:59

Mr. Reid 3:59
had Katie, and some other students participate in a book club.

Teacher 4:05

Mr. Reid 4:05
And that. I mean, that went really well.

Teacher 4:08
So, so small groups worked well with her?

Mr. Reid 4:11
Well, I think, I think, I think it was, it wasn’t just three kids, but it was a, it was a group, but not super small.

Teacher 4:20

Mr. Reid 4:21
And because I, I’m worried about what this means for Katie, you know,

Teacher 4:27
What are you worried about?

Mr. Reid 4:29
Oh, well, I know that. You can’t just not talk to anyone

Teacher 4:34

Mr. Reid 4:34
during your formative years.

Teacher 4:36

Mr. Reid 4:37
Cause it’s kind of a bad strategy. So I just want to make sure that, and this is not you know, it’s not really who I know Katie to be.

Teacher 4:46

Mr. Reid 4:47
But it’s clearly, yeah. Interesting.

Teacher 4:52
I think coming into high school is a huge change so,

Mr. Reid 4:56
I was thinking that myself.

Teacher 4:57
So it might be that she getting used to the changes of being in high school being around new people.

Mr. Reid 5:04

Teacher 5:06
So I, I will take that first step by talking to her other teachers to see,

Mr. Reid 5:11

Teacher 5:11
see what they’re doing and talk about the books that she’s reading with her.

Mr. Reid 5:17
Yeah, yeah.

Teacher 5:19
So how should I get her to talk? Like participate with other?

Mr. Reid 5:23
I mean, maybe it’s me, you know, I mean, there’s a weight on my shoulders, and yeah. Just-

Teacher 5:33
Is something going on at home that?

Mr. Reid 5:35
No, it’s, it’s, it’s not home. It’s uh it’s just there’s a lot of unknowns in regards to my job, so.

Teacher 5:48
Okay, um.

Mr. Reid 5:50
I mean, that, that, you know, there are challenges at work, basically. And I know, kids are perceptive.

Teacher 5:59

Mr. Reid 5:59
So, its just a little stressful right now.

Teacher 6:04
All right. And do you have as she does she know about that?

Mr. Reid 6:10
Well, it’s it’s like a looming, looming layoffs, a lot of unknowns about it. So there’s no, nothing’s happened. So we’re just all I’m just kind of on edge. You know, my wife is employed. She’s a lawyer, so,

Teacher 6:25

Mr. Reid 6:26
I guess that’s good. But, anyway.

Teacher 6:29
She, I don’t think it I don’t necessarily think it is because of you or anything like that.

Mr. Reid 6:37
Sorry. Right. Yeah, it’s just, uh, yeah, I just for me to miss something like this. That she’s being so quiet. I just had no idea, so.

Teacher 6:52
If she’s different at home than she’s here, and so it’s hard to be able to notice that. That’s why I called you, that’s why I talked to you about it, and so I’m glad that I know what first steps I should take and then after that-

Staff 7:07
Okay, end simulation.