11a Transcript 2 Practice

Teacher 0:11
Hi, Bennett. Teacher, and thanks, thanks so much for coming in to meet with me, and great to see you in person. How are you doing?

Mr. Reid 0:20
I’m good. Thanks.

Teacher 0:22
Good. Well, great. And thanks again. I really appreciate you coming in and taking the time. And I am so excited to be teaching Katie this year. She’s such a bright student. And it’s really a privilege to have her in my class.

Mr. Reid 0:36
Oh, uh huh.

Teacher 0:39
So, you know, just, I’m sure you know, but Katie’s a voracious reader. She reads above grade level, she’s always has a book in her hand, and that’s such a amazing thing to see in a young person these days to to always be reading. So she’s, she’s definitely she’s definitely remarkable. So I called you here today, just because I wanted to, you know, let you know that she’s that although Katie’s doing well in class, she seems to be a little ignored by her peers at times and doesn’t socially appear to be to be getting along well. You know, so in group and collaborative situations so I just, you know, wanted to first let you share if you have any insights, questions or concerns about Katie, and you know, anything you hear about school from her?

Mr. Reid 1:37
No, so, why am I here?

Teacher 1:40
So, that’s a good question. And I, I, again, I really appreciate you coming in and taking the time. So my goal is to help Katie become more, you know, socially active and engaged in class and was hoping you know, you could share some insights and and some of your knowledge With me so that we can maybe create a plan together to help Katie you know come out of her shell a little bit in class.

Mr. Reid 2:08
Okay, I mean, I love my daughter, I can tell you that.

Teacher 2:16
Of course, um you know how-