11a Transcript 1 Practice

Sim Staff 0:00
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:06
Hi, Mr. Reid. I’m Teacher.

Mr. Reid 0:08
Hey there.

Teacher 0:08
Well, nice to finally meet you in person. Thanks for

Mr. Reid 0:11
Nice to meet you.

Teacher 0:11
coming today.

Mr. Reid 0:13
Sure thing.

Teacher 0:15
Um, so we got to talk a little bit over the phone about why we’re meeting in person but I wanted to just ask you first about how Katie talks about school and even my class in particular how she talks about it with you at home.

Mr. Reid 0:34
Hmm, yeah, she doesn’t. She doesn’t talk about school much this year. I will say that. I mean, in the past, she has. But not this year.

Teacher 0:49
Okay. When she comes home, home is she kind of drained of energy or she just her normal bubbly self?

Mr. Reid 0:59
Um, I haven’t noticed any difference. Is everything okay?

Teacher 1:04
Yeah, no, everything is just fine.

Mr. Reid 1:06

Teacher 1:06
I just wanted to hear, um, before I kind of got into what I’ve been observing, I wanted to hear from you if you have noticed any changes in Katie lately, nothing to be worried about at all. But

Mr. Reid 1:21

Teacher 1:21
In my class, I typically like to I foster a very open community, we do a lot of group work, a lot of inquiry and lots of participation and talking with one another. And so, over the past month or so, I know it’s only the beginning of October, we’ve started to really build that community up and like, I really just want all every student to feel totally valued and like they’re part of it. And so my observation with Katie is that it seems like she doesn’t have much interest in being a part of that community. And when I talk to her about her interactions with peers, she kind of brushes it off, but I just am, I hope that this isn’t having any effect on her. And I also want to see if there’s something that we can do to get her more comfortable and have her come out of her shell more with.

Mr. Reid 2:23
Sure, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all, so it’s probably something you’re doing.