1.6 What is my role as a coder?


As a coder you have several key tasks:

  • First, you are in charge of determining whether a participant scored a high, medium, or low on each of the nine scoring items. Four of the nine scoring items are in the opening of the scenario, the two minutes from when the simulation starts until the parent says, “This doesn’t sound like Katie. It is probably something you are doing.” The other five items are the teacher’s responses to dad’s standardized lines.
  • Second, you are in charge of segmenting the transcripts so that they can be scored. You are in charge of going through the opening, determining what parts of it constitute the greeting, or any other item, and then copying and pasting the greeting into the document where it will be scored.
  • Third, you are in charge of using our scoring assistant for segmenting the text and for scoring each item.

During the rest of this course, you will learn about each of the nine scoring items and how to segment and score each item. You will have lots of opportunities to practice and see examples throughout. This is a self-paced course so do what works for you! You will most likely find some items pretty straight forward to code and some tricky– we ask that you really slow down and take your time when you hit a tricky item. We need you to be reliable (80% or higher accuracy) on your scoring of EACH of the nine items, as well as scoring an 85% or higher overall, to be a coder.


We will give you lots more resources as we go along, but if you want to start looking at the scoring items now, here are some resources to dig in with!