10.4 Trying out the scoring tool for “There are challenges at work”

The scoring tool we are using looks just like the quizzes you have been taking! You will need to paste in the participant ID and the excerpt, however, before scoring.

To try it out, go to:

Work coding survey

Use Participant ID


Parent  05:40
Yeah, and I appreciate it. The thing is, you know, on my end, we have a lot of turbulence at the job. You know, possible layoffs or transfer. Not sure. So, my, my usual involvement with Katie has just not been as consistent as it normally is.

Teacher  06:01
Well, I-I really hope that your job situation gets better and less stressful.

Parent  06:07
Same here. Thank you.

Teacher  06:08
And we can work together on this issue, and it’s not really an issue, you know. I mean, it’s it’s something that, that I would like to help her with so that she can be happy in the classroom. That’s really my goal. Yeah.

Parent  06:21
And then thanks again because, yeah, I haven’t noticed this, so.

Teacher  06:27

Parent  06:27
Super helpful.

Teacher  06:29
I’m glad we⁠ drew—I drew your attention to this. I’m glad we developed a list of things that we can do.