11a Segmenting the opening

The opening is the part of the transcript from “Begin simulation” until “This doesn’t sound like Katie.” While the other five items are segmented based off of what dad says (e.g., segment from doesn’t sound like to experience makes a difference), the first four items are segmented based off of what the teacher says.

Guide for segmenting family engagement

Here are a few thing to keep in mind as you work through segmenting the opening:

  • Each practice opportunity here has the opening of just one transcript. That is why there are so many practice opportunities!
  • When you are confident that you can consistently segment the greeting, questions, purpose, and strengths, move onto the practice quizzes. These are structured exactly like the certification quiz while the practice opportunities are structured like what you will do when are really coding.
  • To be certified, you need 80% or higher on the 20 item certification quiz for opening and the 20 item certification quiz for the rest of the items.
  • For the opening, you are segmenting on what the teacher says. You need to capture whole teacher utterances.
  • You can capture what dad said, but you don’t have to.