2.2 Scoring greeting


Scoring guide for greeting

Here’s the criteria we use to score the participant’s greeting.

  • High Greets parent extensively by saying “Hi,” or “Hi, how are you?” followed by two or more welcoming statements (not including how are you). These can be repetitions (e.g saying thank you and I appreciate it)
  • Medium Greets parent with “Hi,” “How are you?” or “Nice to meet you,” and one other welcoming statement (can include repeating nice to meet you).
    • Note: teachers’ responses to parent are not coded here– only comments they initiate.
  • Low Briefly greets parent. Might just say “Hi,” say, “Hi, how are you?,” “Hi. Nice to meet you,” or “Hi, good to see you.” Does not further greet parent unless it is repeating/ restating something the parent says.


Here what that looks like in practice:

If the participant says…. Hi, how are you?

They would be scored… Low

Because… They didn’t add any warmth or personalization to the greeting! That is the epitome of a brief greeting of the parent.


If the participant says…. Hi Mr. Reed. Thank you for coming.

They would be scored… Medium

Because… It is getting there, but not all of the way there yet. The teacher has said “Hi” and one other welcoming statement, but this isn’t an extensive greeting.


If the participant says…. Hi Mr. Reid. I’m Ms. Teacher. It’s nice to meet you… I’m really happy to come come out and meet me. I know how hard it is to like get off of work.

They would be scored… High

Because… This is an extensive greet. The teacher said “Hi” followed by multiple welcoming statements.


If the participant says….I’m… . It’s nice to meet you….I just wanted to start off by thanking you for coming in today and for your continued support and open communication with me throughout the semester and being so open to talking with me about Katie.

They would be scored…High

Because… This is another example of an extensive greeting, with multiple welcoming statements beyond, “Hi, how are you?”


If the participant says….How are you? It’s so good to see you…. So I called you a couple of days ago about making a meeting and scheduling our time together.

They would be scored… Medium

Because… This one drops back down to medium because there is only one welcoming statement (It’s so good to see you!) that builds on the “How are you?” The rest of this is right down to business.


Ready to try a few on your own? Click on the greeting quiz to see how you would score some openings! Remember: To pass the certification test for this item you need 80% or higher accuracy!