4.4 Trying out the scoring tool for purpose and concerns

The scoring tool we are using looks just like the quizzes you have been taking! You will need to paste in the participant ID and the excerpt, however, before scoring.

To try it out, go to:

Purpose coding survey

Use Participant ID


Mr. Reid  00:35
Okay.Teacher  00:37
Only thing is I’ve noticed that she’s very, very quiet in class. When it comes to not just socializing, but also like discussion when we have discussions. She’s not, she’s not very forward in sharing her feelings and her thoughts. And she just seems very, very hesitant to speak to her peers and have relationships with them. So I was wondering if you could provide any insight into why why she may not be making friends in this class?

Mr. Reid  01:13
Well, that is a surprise to hear. Um, I’ve not heard of anything like this in regards to Katie before, but I’m just trying to think. So she doesn’t talk to anybody?

Teacher  01:36
No she’s not she’s not talking when people do. You know, she will occasionally say hello or mumble something to them. I’ve tried to facilitate conversations between her and her peers. But she just won’t she will say like one word, and then she doesn’t speak anymore. So it’s kind of gotten to the point where her peers don’t speak to her now. Because I think they don’t think that she wants to speak to them.

Mr. Reid  02:04

Teacher  02:05