6.4 Trying out the scoring tool for “Doesn’t sound like Katie”

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Mr. Reid  02:07
Um, well, I mean, this doesn’t sound like Katy at all. So it’s probably something you’re doing.

Teacher  02:18
Yeah, I totally understand that concern. I am doing my best to support Katie. And the best way I know how and want the best for her. But what is she? What is she like at home? You know?

Mr. Reid  02:36
Talking is not an issue. Usually, you know, my wife and I, we have dinner every night with Katie and I have to work at school and we share ideas and yeah, she’s never really had a problem with that, so.

Teacher  02:52
Yeah, well, thanks for sharing and I’m glad that I could get some more insight on to what Katie is like at home. I think sometimes just kids feel differently in different situations. And that doesn’t mean that she’s not super bubbly and talkative at home but just wanted to