8.4 Trying out the scoring tool for “I’m worried about what this means”

The scoring tool we are using looks just like the quizzes you have been taking! You will need to paste in the participant ID and the excerpt, however, before scoring.

To try it out, go to:

Worry coding survey

Use Participant ID


Mr. Reid  04:32
And I’m worried about you know what this might mean for Katie. So,

Teacher  04:36
It’s okay,

It’s helpful

Teacher  04:37
A lot of students need. A lot of students need help, sort of developing the skills, the social skills, she’s not the only one there’s other students that we’re working with to do the same thing.

Mr. Reid  04:47

Teacher  04:48
And sometimes, sometimes it’s a factor of just the specific kids or the specific methods that are being used. So I just kind of wanted to better pinpoint that.

Mr. Reid  04:58
Okay. Yeah, I mean, that’s the that’s the one thing that comes to mind is that is that, you know, the reading thing is such a gateway, I think, to her personality.