9.3 Additional practice on “There’s a weight on my shoulders”

More Practice?

The additional practice opportunities provide you with ten extra chances to try out scoring an item and to receive feedback on your scoring. In addition to these practice opportunities, the Combined Practice quizzes 1 and 2 each have five opportunities to try out scoring and receive feedback on each item. All told, between scoring practice 1, the ten items here, and the ten items across the combined practice quizzes, you will have 30 opportunities to try out scoring (and receive feedback) on each item.

This is a self-paced course. In order to be certified, you need to score an 80% or higher on each scoring item and get an overall score across the nine items of at least 85%. There are going to be items where you need to take advantage of every practice opportunity– or even to do the same practice quiz more than one. There are also going to be scoring opportunities that you get right away. It is up to you how much you practice each item! Just remember, that you need AT LEAST 80% on each item to be certified on it. You can also do the practice sections out of order and come back here when you need a refresher.

The Choice is Yours!