11a Transcript 10 practice

Staff 0:00
Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:04
Hi, Mr. Reid. Thanks so much for coming in today.

Mr. Reid 0:07
Sure thing, happy to do it.

Teacher 0:09
Um, well it was great to talk to you on the phone earlier.

Mr. Reid 0:11

Teacher 0:12
And so what I wanted to talk to you a little bit about today is just Katie.

Mr. Reid 0:17

Teacher 0:17
And um, and how she seems a little reserved in class.

Mr. Reid 0:22

Teacher 0:23
Not too big on participating or being with her peers in like… and stuff.

Mr. Reid 0:31
Is she doing all right? I mean, is she being disruptive or is it are her grades okay? Or

Teacher 0:37
Yes. She’s doing great academically.

Mr. Reid 0:40

Teacher 0:40
She’s a calm student, which is awesome, works hard.

Mr. Reid 0:43

Teacher 0:44
Yeah, awesome student and she’s not being disruptive at all. But um, I just wanted to like get your take and like, let you know what’s happening in the classroom.

Mr. Reid 0:52
Okay. Gotcha. Can you give another example of just-

Teacher 1:00
Like, for example, just when we have like group time she chooses to sit alone and either like not respond to others or respond very shortly. And I had a conversation one on one talk with her,

Mr. Reid 1:16

Teacher 1:17
and just like check in, see how everything is.

Mr. Reid 1:20

Teacher 1:20
And she just kind of responded everything was fine. Okay, like everything’s okay.

Mr. Reid 1:27

Teacher 1:27
So yeah, I just wanted to see if this was like normal behavior if she’s like this at home.