11a Transcript 13 practice

Speaker 0:03
Begin simulation.

Parent 0:10
Hi there.

Teacher 0:10
Hello, Mr. Reed. My name is Ms. Teacher, and I’m Katie’s third grade teacher this year.

Parent 0:17
Hey there.

Teacher 0:18
Hi. So, this this afternoon I called you in and to have this parent teacher conference to talk about both Katie’s assets and parts that could have room for improvement or things I’m concerned about. But don’t worry, it’s nothing too, like, too serious to be concerned about.

Parent 0:38
Okay. Well, nervous parent here, so.

Teacher 0:43
That’s completely understandable.

Parent 0:44
But I trust you.

Teacher 0:46
I would like to start the meeting off with explaining the things that Katie’s doing really well in our class.

Parent 0:52

Teacher 0:53
So, she is reading above grade level, which is really impressive and great, that’s what we want from our students. And, she’s close to or at grade level in all her other academic areas. So academically and intellectually, she’s a great student in the classroom. Not only that, but she gets most of her work done on time, if not all her work. She’s a student I rarely have to worry about getting her work done or understanding concepts in class.

Parent 1:21

Teacher 1:23
She’s a general—I’ve noticed that she’s a generally quiet student and that she does participate in our class discussions only when she’s called on, and when she is called on, she then says very little. So, she rarely raises her hand to offer something to speak.

Parent 1:44

Teacher 1:45
And then, during the individual discussions with myself about any of the class material, Katie has very insightful comments. She’s picking up the stuff, and she’s really smart, but…

Parent 1:57

Teacher 1:57
…she says very little, and generally, she needs to prompting to elicit, like, longer, further responses.

Parent 2:03
In group work—group work seems to be the issue?

Teacher 2:07
In group—yeah, in group work…

Parent 2:09

Teacher 2:09
…she’s—well, in relation to group work, she typically wants to work alone or sit alone.

Parent 2:14

Teacher 2:15
Yeah, in general, she’s like, stopped trying to engage.

Parent 2:19

Teacher 2:21
I’m not exactly sure why because she doesn’t appear to—

Parent 2:24
I mean, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all, so…

Teacher 2:29

Parent 2:29
…it’s probably something you’re doing.