11a Transcript 18 practice

Staff 0:00
…part of this simulation and then I’ll come back and I’ll explain to you like just the last few things to wrap up.

Teacher 0:05

Rosalie 0:06
Okay. All right, then. Begin simulation.

Mr. Reid 0:20
Hi there.

Teacher 0:21
Hello, how are you doing today?

Mr. Reid 0:23
Good, good. How are you?

Teacher 0:24
I’m great. Well, first, I’d like to start by telling you how impressed I am with Katie’s love of reading.

Mr. Reid 0:31

Teacher 0:32
She is definitely a hard worker. And I love that she has such a passion for learning.

Mr. Reid 0:38

Teacher 0:39
Has she told you anything about what she’s been working on in school?

Mr. Reid 0:42
Um, mostly, you know, stuff related to work, but, um, you know, and the book she’s reading, so.

Teacher 0:50
Yeah, that’s great. Do you guys talk a lot about her books and what she’s reading?

Mr. Reid 0:54
Oh, yeah. I mean, we all kind of read a lot in the family. So it’s kind of what dinner, the evenings are for. You know, share knowledge. So,

Teacher 1:03
Yeah, I think that’s great. I think that’s so important, especially at this age that everyone in the family is excited about reading and learning. That’s wonderful. And so,

Mr. Reid 1:14
Is everything okay with Katie?

Teacher 1:15
Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to tell you that why I called the meeting,

Mr. Reid 1:19

Teacher 1:20
and let you know that I care about Katie, academically and also socially. And I’d like to hear from you about how we can best support her socially this year.

Mr. Reid 1:31
Is she doing okay socially? I just, I’m unclear.

Teacher 1:35
She is. She, socially, she is very, she will participate in class when she’s called upon, which is good. She has some great, insightful comments that add a lot to our class discussions. So that’s really good to see. But she doesn’t seem quite as comfortable with friendships on the playground or at lunch.

Mr. Reid 1:56

Teacher 1:57
So I’m really interested in trying to support her there to make sure that she feels comfortable talking with her peers.

Mr. Reid 2:04
Yeah, so she just keeps quiet, or does she speak with? I mean, I’m just trying to get a feel for just how quiet she is.

Teacher 2:12
Yeah, so she’s fairly quiet.

Mr. Reid 2:14

Teacher 2:14
She tends to keep to herself, she prefers to work alone,

Mr. Reid 2:18

Teacher 2:19
So I’m really trying to make her more comfortable with her peers.