11b Segmenting post-opening transcript 1

Mr. Reid 2:21
You know this this doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s it’s definitely something probably something you’re doing.

Teacher 2:30
You know Bennett it very well could be and that’s why I wanted to meet with you so much to figure out you know what I can be doing differently as a teacher to support Katie’s learning and her interactions with her peers. So you know, what is what is Katie? You know, is she usually very talkative at home? Does she talk about you about school? Does she share anything about class with you? I know-

Mr. Reid 2:54
She doesn’t talk about school but she’s not quiet at home. I mean, home is not the problem.

Teacher 3:04
No, of course not Bennett and all I meant was just to, you know, I only see Katie for, you know, an hour every day. And you know, of course I don’t know how she interacts with her peers and other classes, you know, outside of school. Is she involved in any extracurriculars? Does she have friends at school friends outside of school, Anything? Anything you can share with me?

Mr. Reid 3:28
Yeah, she has friends and she has Sunday school and church, but experience makes a difference and all her other teachers had so much more experience than you do.

Teacher 3:42
You know, Bennett. That’s a fair point. I am a first year teacher and I can understand your concern completely. But I can also assure you that I’m fully qualified and committed to to creating an atmosphere of learning and to support to support your daughter’s learning, so.

Mr. Reid 4:00
Okay, well, last year’s teacher had her and other students read a book about what they were learning and talk about it in class.

Teacher 4:10
Okay, um, you know what, that’s a great suggestion. And I think that’s something that I’m gonna look into incorporating into the into the curriculum, because maybe if that’s something that Katie has experienced success with in the past that could that could be a great option. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Mr. Reid 4:33
I’m, I am worried about what this means for Katie.

Teacher 4:37
Well, first of all, I can tell you that she’s, she’s doing well in class. And my I’m, you know, I’m not concerned with her overall performance. It’s really just the social aspect and I wanted to try and, you know, figure out things I could be doing, maybe, you know, you could help me. You know, maybe we could have a weekly check in or I could give you an email update you know about how Katie’s doing, if that’s something you’re interested in, and kind of, you know, we can talk about ways to to get her more more engaged with her peers and classmates.

Mr. Reid 5:16

Teacher 5:17
But again, just wanted to just wanted to know if you had any you know, had heard anything from Katie about that I’ve tried speaking with her. Just asking about, you know if she feels comfortable in class, anything like that.

Mr. Reid 5:34

Teacher 5:35
She didn’t

Mr. Reid 5:35
Maybe, maybe it’s me. There’s a weight on my shoulders for sure.

Teacher 5:41
Oh, Bennett it’s it’s definitely not you, but you know, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything you’d like to share with me?

Mr. Reid 5:49
Well, yeah, there are just, there are challenges at work.

Teacher 6:00
You know, I’m sorry to hear that Bennett and I do really appreciate you coming in and taking the time. I know it can be a burden to to take off, but it’s great to see you. And I know how engaged or I know how much you care about Katie’s education.

Mr. Reid 6:15
Yeah. I have layoffs coming. So I’m in danger of losing my job.

Teacher 6:21
Aw Bennett, I’m sorry to hear that.

Mr. Reid 6:24

Teacher 6:27
You know?

Mr. Reid 6:32

Teacher 6:37
Well, regarding Katie, is there anything else you’d like to hear?

Mr. Reid 6:43

Teacher 6:46
Oh, no worries. So, you know, just just to wrap up. Bennett, you know, does a weekly email check in is that something that you’re interested in? Would you be interested in scheduling a follow up meeting? Um, maybe we could both

Mr. Reid 7:00
Weekly email.

Teacher 7:02
We could both sit down with Katie at some point if you think that could be productive.

Mr. Reid 7:07
Let me answer. Weekly email and follow up meeting would be great.

Teacher 7:12
Okay, well Bennett, that’s great. Thanks so much.

Unknown Speaker 7:16
I thought that was um, you know, a big improvement you developed. you know, worked hard on developing a more positive climate.