11b Segmenting post-opening transcript 2

Mr. Reid 2:23
Sure, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all, so it’s probably something you’re doing.

Teacher 2:31
Uh, it she could be uncomfortable with the routines that we have in class, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time of getting used to but I definitely I’ve definitely like self reflected and tried to have one on one conversations with Katie because I didn’t want her to get lost in the group. And when I saw that, that didn’t seem to work, I felt it was best to reach out to you because you obviously know Katie way better than I do. And I’m and would love to hear more about like, what you think might work for her?

Mr. Reid 3:11
Okay? Um well, experience makes all the difference and all her other teachers had so much more experience than you, you do. Well, I don’t know.

Teacher 3:28
Experience is important you’re very right but I don’t think my practices have much to do with her interest and getting to know other people in class.

Mr. Reid 3:42

Teacher 3:44
This is just something that I am typically more atuned to based off of my own personal beliefs about what a classroom should look like and sound like and I think I just really noticed that I just really would hate and would not want to see a student get left behind because

Mr. Reid 4:07
Yeah, last year’s teacher had her and other students you know read a book about what they were learning and talk about it in class, I don’t know.

Teacher 4:21
And how did Katie like that?

Mr. Reid 4:24
I think it was. Yeah, I think she liked it a lot. I think it was a positive thing.

Teacher 4:31
She had something to work off of maybe like notes or something to refer to before sharing with a larger group.

Mr. Reid 4:40
Maybe yeah, I am worried about what this means for Katie.

Teacher 4:46
Oh, I I what what do you mean by that?

Mr. Reid 4:52
Well, as you said, she’s just not doesn’t sound like she’s participating, so

Teacher 4:57
Yeah, this doesn’t mean any like this will not have any impact on her grade, if that’s what you’re concerned with, if anything, I’m very impressed by Katie’s work in my class. I

Mr. Reid 5:06

Teacher 5:06
I think she is performing, she’s a very strong student.

Mr. Reid 5:11