11b Segmenting post-opening transcript 5

Mr. Reid 1:34
Yeah. It’s not, um, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s probably something you were doing.

Teacher 1:46
I mean, I’ve tried very hard to make a very inclusive, comfortable, safe classroom for all my students,

Mr. Reid 1:52

Teacher 1:52
and I feel like um, having that one on one conversation with her, really solidified the fact that I really care and I want her to do feel happy going to school and excited going to school and and comfortable going to school. So yeah, I just really want to make sure that she’s feeling that way.

Mr. Reid 2:12
Hmm, it’s a surprise, I will say that. Um well, you know, experience makes a difference. And all her other teachers have been much more experience than you do. I don’t know.

Teacher 2:34
I know that I am a new teacher but I’ve gone through all the courses, I’ve done student teaching, I’ve had mentor teachers before. Like, I feel very confident that I am a good teacher to Katie.

Mr. Reid 2:48

Teacher 2:48
And I think that she knows how much I care about her. And I definitely can talk to some of her past teachers and see if they use any strategies. Maybe? Does that sounds like a good plan?

Mr. Reid 3:01
Yes, um. Okay. Last year’s teacher, um, you know, they had Katie participate in a book club. She loves to read. That went over really well. So,

Teacher 3:19
Awesome. Yeah, I’ll definitely take note of that book club.

Mr. Reid 3:21

Teacher 3:23
Yeah, no, that’s uh, is there anything else that I necessarily wouldn’t know about Katie from school lie about things that she really enjoys or um…

Mr. Reid 3:33
Reading. I mean, reading is the

Teacher 3:35
Top one?

Mr. Reid 3:36
Yeah. First, second, and third. I mean, voracious, really. She loves it.

Teacher 3:45
Okay, so anyway to like, get he. I’ll definitely take that into consideration.

Mr. Reid 3:51

Teacher 3:52
Do you remember were there any other things that stood out from like past school experiences that you feel like really helped her?

Mr. Reid 4:03
Mostly reading that is just at home. That is her passion. I know at school. Anything around that was something she really looked forward to you know, accruing knowledge.

Teacher 4:18

Mr. Reid 4:20
But I am worried about what this means for Katie. Hmm, yeah.

Teacher 4:30
Would you be willing to maybe have a conversation with her and see if she’s willing to share more with you?

Mr. Reid 4:37
Sure, mhm.

Teacher 4:38
Yeah, possibly, like I just have open communication between the two of us and like, discuss if there’s a particular instance or situation that like, makes her feel more reserved? So then, yeah, we could change with that.

Mr. Reid 4:55
Mm hmm. Cause this is. Yeah, this is kind of a shock. So, most definitely,

Teacher 5:05
Definitely want to put an end to it, because we want to, I want to make sure that she is loving school and like feels like her best self here.

Mr. Reid 5:14
Mm hmm. I mean, maybe it’s me, you know, um, you know, there’s a, there’s a weight on my shoulder. So, I don’t know.

Teacher 5:28
Would you like, does that affect Katie in any way?

Mr. Reid 5:31
I mean, there there are challenges at work. So

Teacher 5:42
Gotcha. We’ll definitely, or I’ll definitely try the book clubs.

Mr. Reid 5:48

Teacher 5:48
And I can pair her with someone in the class that she is one of her closer friends, somebody who she does open up to more than others.

Mr. Reid 5:57

Teacher 5:58
So hopefully that’ll be like a nice comfort thing for her. And from there, hopefully, then she’ll branch out. And then maybe if you have a conversation with her, we could get more insight on what she’s thinking.

Mr. Reid 6:11
All right.

Teacher 6:12
And I can also talk to her past teachers, if that’s okay with you.

Mr. Reid 6:15

Teacher 6:16
To find out-

Mr. Reid 6:17
No that’s, I think that would be, that would be helpful. Oh, ah. Sorry.

Teacher 6:28
You’re so fine. Thank you so much for coming in today. Like this was super helpful. And

Mr. Reid 6:34
Sure. Absolutely. And, you know, let’s follow up. And, you know, reach out. And I’ll do the same. Same if if needed, and yeah, thank you.

Teacher 6:50
Yeah, for sure. Yeah, we’ll just have an open line of communication. And I’ll definitely let you know. If, yeah, what ends up happening if there’s any improvement, it stays the same. And yeah, I’ll just definitely keep you updated. But

Mr. Reid 7:06

Teacher 7:06
I just want you to know how much I do care about Katie and I mean, she’s a phenomenal student. And you should be super, super proud of her.

Mr. Reid 7:14
Thank you. Thank you.

End simulation.