11c Practice quiz 3

Staff 0:00
Good luck. Begin simulation.

Teacher 0:04
Hi, Mr. Uh, hi, Mr. Hi, Mr. Reid. I’m Ms Teacher. Katie’s third grade teacher. It’s so nice to finally Hi. meet in person.

Mr. Reid 0:13
Yeah, you can, uh, call Bennett. Please.

Teacher 0:16
Okay, Bennett. Thank you. Well, I just wanted to bring you in and talk about Katie. She’s doing an exceptional job in reading and very on grade level in all of her academic areas, and I’m just I’m really impressed. She’s a

Mr. Reid 0:32
Oh good.

Teacher 0:32
very good student and works even harder. So, thank for the support at home.

Mr. Reid 0:40
Yeah, we’re all readers. We like to read.

Teacher 0:42
Really? That’s great. Runs in the family.

Mr. Reid 0:45

Teacher 0:47
There as I it’s, we’ve been together for a few months now. And

Mr. Reid 0:53

Teacher 0:53
the thing I have been noticing about some kids. And Katie is that their, is their social development. And

Mr. Reid 1:02

Teacher 1:03
she seems to be kind of just sticking to herself. And I didn’t know if this was common at home, if she was kind of a stuck to herself.

Mr. Reid 1:12
Hmm. Um not. No, I wouldn’t say that about her. Although, I mean, she’s alone at home. I mean, her older brother is away at college. So it’s just my wife, myself, and Katie, but I mean, she’s, you know, she chats, talks about her day and stuff, so I wouldn’t say she’s, like, withdrawn or anything.

Teacher 1:37
Does she have does she play with other kids around?

Mr. Reid 1:42
Um, yeah, she has, um, well, I mean, she’s at the sitter after school. So and then I get her. I mean, they mostly just do homework and stuff at the sitter, and then we go home and it’s dinner and homework and bed. So there’s not a lot of, you know, free time for sure. But she has a good friend at Sunday school.

Teacher 2:08
And do they ever do anything outside of Sunday school?

Mr. Reid 2:12
Yeah, I mean, they see each other at Girl Scouts and stuff. I mean, I’m sorry, this doesn’t sound like Katie at all. So it’s, um, it’s probably something you’re doing.

Teacher 2:24
Well, I, you know, maybe but I am trying to promote everyone’s kind of social and social interactions. We do a lot in small group. And she just prefers to work alone. I’ve tried pairing her up with different students. And,

Mr. Reid 2:44

Teacher 2:45
kind of just shutting people out so…

Mr. Reid 2:48
Oh, like, how does she shut them out?

Teacher 2:52
Well, she chooses to sit alone when others try to you know, come over and talk to her. You know, she has great ideas and great observations when we’re doing class discussions. But she won’t ever,

Mr. Reid 3:08

Teacher 3:08
won’t ever share unless she’s called on.

Mr. Reid 3:11
Did you get your hair the way you want. You want it there?

Teacher 3:14
Yes, thank you.

Mr. Reid 3:16
Okay, just checking. I mean, experience makes a difference and all her other teachers had so much more experience than you do.

Teacher 3:25
Well, I know that I’m young, and this is my first year teaching, but

Mr. Reid 3:30
nothing wrong with that of course.

Teacher 3:33
My best interest is still looking out for all my students and personal interactions is something that I’ve noticed and I think that that’s something that we should be working on together as a team.

Mr. Reid 3:47
Okay, well, along that lines, I will tell you that last year’s teacher had her and other students read a book about what they were learning and talk about it in class.

Teacher 3:59
Okay. That’s good to know maybe, you know that would help her. I have tried to talk to her individually and see if there’s anything maybe that’s going on that she wants to talk about. If there’s anyone in particular that she likes to work with, and

Mr. Reid 4:18

Teacher 4:19
I’m not she says, no, I’m fine. I’d rather just work alone.

Mr. Reid 4:25
Okay, well, I got to say that I’m worried about what this means for Katie.

Teacher 4:30
Well, I just I so why I wanted to bring you in is to see if we could come up with any suggestions together about how we could get her you know, maybe instead of going to the babysitter’s after school, she could be doing different afterschool activities, just to keep her

Mr. Reid 4:47
Um, well, with my work schedule and my wife, she just doesn’t, you know, have a ride or whatever. So staying after is kind of prohibitive. I guess.

Teacher 4:59
Well, we do have after school activities here and there’s a bus that takes them home after. If you’d like

Mr. Reid 5:07
Oh, I didn’t know, okay. That sounds fun.

Teacher 5:10
Gives you different options for after school activities here I would be more than happy to do that, and you and your wife could kind of go over what what interests her, but I really think that-

Mr. Reid 5:23
Okay, that’s a good idea.

Teacher 5:25
I really do think that having people around her that are her age and is going to promote not only her academic development but also herself social development.

Mr. Reid 5:36
Okay, I mean, maybe it’s me. There’s a weight on my shoulders.

Teacher 5:44
It’s not you at all. I think it’s just something that happens and

Mr. Reid 5:48

Teacher 5:49
Something that if we focus on at a time like this in the stage in her life, then it will help down the road.

Mr. Reid 5:57
Well, there are challenges at work.

Teacher 6:04
Okay, are you doing okay?

Mr. Reid 6:08
Oh, thank you for asking. I mean, it’s just layoffs, and I’m probably gonna be one of the ones laid off. So there’s just a lot of challenges at work. Yeah.

Teacher 6:23
Well, I’m very sorry to hear that.

Mr. Reid 6:26
Thank you. Thanks.

Teacher 6:29
If you ever want to come volunteer in our classroom, you’re more than welcome to.

Mr. Reid 6:33
Sorry. Oh, well, I may have a lot of time coming up soon. So, yeah, thanks.

Teacher 6:41
Okay. Well, that would be great. So, after this meeting, I’ll follow up with an email regarding the different after school activities. And then

Mr. Reid 6:50

Teacher 6:50
if you any questions please let me know. And we will go from there.

Mr. Reid 6:54
Okay. That sounds good. Um, thank you for all your time and attention to Katie. I’ll see you soon.

Teacher 7:01
Of course, thank you. It’s good to finally meet you Bennett.

Mr. Reid 7:05
Bye bye.

Teacher 7:05