2.4 Trying out the scoring tool for greeting

The scoring tool we are using looks just like the quizzes you have been taking! You will need to paste in the participant ID and the excerpt, however, before scoring.

To try it out, go to:

Greeting coding survey

Use Participant ID


Teacher  00:03
Good morning, Mr. Reid.Mr. Reid  00:04
Good morning.

Teacher  00:06
I want to thank you for coming. I understand you have a very busy schedule. So let’s, let’s make this meeting as productive as possible.

Mr. Reid  00:14
Of course.

Teacher  00:14
So I have introduced myself when we had that phone call at the beginning of this school year. So before I move on to Katie’s performance, I just want to inform you that we have a lot of tools to keep parents in the loop of understanding their child’s, you know, learning process, understand how they are performing in school. We use like weekly progress email, progress report emails, and we also have monthly newsletters to tell you what kind of events we have at school, and how you can participate with it. And also tell you exactly what your child is learning this month.

Mr. Reid  00:56
Okay. Is she okay? Katie?

Teacher  00:59

Mr. Reid  01:00
Is everything all right?

Teacher  01:01
So please don’t feel pressured if you miss our a phone call