5.2 Scoring questions


Scoring guide for questions

Here’s how it is scored:

  • High Asks two or more questions that focus on gathering information from the parent about the child or on determining whether the parent has questions/concerns of their own.
  • Medium Asks only one question set beyond “how are you” that focuses on gathering new information from the parent. Code as medium 2 questions if the questions are repeated, clarifying (does that help?) or otherwise not focused on gaining new information from the parent.
    • Note: Multiple questions asked at the same time count as one question.
  • Low Asks either no questions or only questions like, “How are you?”


Now, let’s see what that looks like in practice!

If the participant says…. Yeah, I was just wondering, Is this how she is normally at home? Or do you think there’s something maybe that’s discouraging her?

They would be scored… Medium

Because…There are technically two questions, but they were asked at one time with no space between them so we score this as one question. The parent needs to have time to resond for the questions to count as separate.

If the participant says…. “How are you?”

They would be scored… Low

Because… We don’t count how are you as a question for this item.


If the participant says….So, to start off with you, do you have any suggestions since she, she’s your daughter, and

They would be scored…  Medium

Because… This is pretty indirect, but they are trying to ask the parent a question so it counts as one.


If the participant says….Has she given you any feedback about how school is going so far this year or how this class is going? …. Oh okay. Do you you wonder why or know any reasons why that might be?… Thank you. Um, so she just hasn’t been as excited about school this year? … Has anything changed in her home life? Or with her friends?…

They would be scored… High

Because… Each of the … shows a break in the text. Here the teacher is asking a lot of questions and providing the parent time to respond to each.


If the participant says….Yeah. So I wanted to start off this meeting by just asking you how you were feeling about how this year is going in comparison to other years, and if Katie had shared anything with you about school?… Does she seem to be liking high school? I know it can be a pretty big transition…

They would be scored… High

Because…Again, there are multiple questions here with breaks in between them (… = break)


Click on the quiz below to practice scoring questions. Remember that questions can pop up at any point during the opening and so we are using … to indicate a time break. Also, remember that how are you does not count as a question!